How To Make Your Child Feel Truly Loved

As parents, we spend so much of our time and energy agonizing over what is best for our children. Before they are born we spend countless hours researching the best baby cribs, monitors and toys. As they grow, we strive to find the best daycares, schools and extra-curricular activities. Along the way it’s easy to neglect the one thing we have the most control over. The one thing our children need most from us.

Love. Children need to feel loved.

The need for love doesn’t change as they grow, but in the busy world of parenting how we show it often does.


The Burden of Too Much

I struggle desperately to let go. I hold on to everything. Every passing moment, every memento, every card, every relationship – even those gone bad. I hold on too tight fearing that if I let go, even a little bit, I’ll have nothing left. But maybe letting go isn’t about losing.


Why kindness should be your New Year’s resolution

Year after year, the top resolutions remain the same – get fit, lose weight, save money, eat healthy and quit (insert unhealthy habit here). A few weeks (or if you’re lucky a few months) into the new year, often these resolutions fall to the side as every day life takes over.

But what if I told you there’s one New Year’s resolution you could keep all throughout the year?


The top 5 reasons I still believe in Santa

It feels like just yesterday I was staring out my bedroom window squinting at the stars trying to make out Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in the snowy night sky. My heart was filled with magic as I held on tightly to the belief that Santa was out there flying around the world putting smiles on the faces of so many.


Letting go of guilt

“You’re doing a great job,” our family doctor said after my youngest daughter’s one-year checkup. Tears welled in my eyes because I felt that couldn’t possibly be true. Sure, I made homemade organic food, practiced attachment parenting, did plenty of reading and singing all while also taking care of my three-year-old, but it never felt like enough. There was always a lingering heavy feeling.


The best toys for kids

During my first pregnancy, a close friend and recent new mother came to visit our small, pristine apartment and remarked with a glean in her eyes that toys would soon take over each room (cue maniacal laughter). I couldn’t fathom how a tiny human could take over our space and didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to 2017 – I have two daughters, my oldest is four years old and my youngest almost two. Toys fill both of their closets, our family room, cabinets in the kitchen and some have even found their way to my husband’s man cave downstairs in our bigger home.